Here in Caylus, every surface is interesting: cut-stone houses, furry moss and beardy lichen, crumbling limstone, vines wrapping around trees which sprout bark and leaves. I never noticed before how much seeing, touching, and drawing are intertwined. 

I decided to bring texture back into the studio with sketches and rubbings. I made this drawing based on a twisted log I saw on a walk.

I am nearing the end of my residency and I have so many ideas for new drawings ! I’m trying to document as much as I can so I can continue my explorations when I return to Denver.

My drawings thus far reflect my explorations of texture and the sensation of touch.  I’ve discovered a new process: Using thin paper and charcoal, I take rubbings of the stone and wood surfaces and apply them to the drawing. I then draw back into the texture and use eraser to cut out lines and smudge as well. 


These are some competed drawings. I am happy with my progress during the past month. My marks have become more free and expressive, and I don’t worry as much about how the drawing will look in the end. I allow it to evolve.