I’ve been finding a lot of inspiration in nature during the past two weeks at this residency. The walks have been very helpful for me to get acquainted with the environment of Caylus. I get up, make coffee, buy a croissant from the local bakery (which is fantastic), and hike out the garden door with my backpack full of sketch materials and a camera. Most days I come back with drawings and tons of photos, and too many ideas to pursue in such a short time. But today I finally a direction and finished a large drawing.

The sight of bobbed wired embedded in a tree stuck with me. I made me think about man-made instrusions to nature, and the cold contrast of the metal with the warm wood seemed like a good starting point for a drawing.   I also see a drawing about crumbling stone walls which have stood for hundreds of years, with roots and moss slowly wearing them down. 

These are the new works in progress. I’m excited to see where they take me.