The rain on Saturday stymied my plans to walk about, so I limbered up with some drawing in the studio. 

I’m not sure where this one is going but I felt inspired by the Tiepolo ceiling I saw in the Wurzberg Residenz. It’s a start.

As the rain poured down, I watched the boules area across the street from the gendarmerie.  Boules is a game similar to bocce where you throw or roll metal balls  towards a target. A tournament was scheduled that day and I noticed the rain and mud didn’t stop the Caylusiens from playing. 

I walked down the hill to the church and admired the friezes symbolizing the struggle between good and evil on either side of the portal. 

A massive wooden crucifixion by Ossip Zadkine caused quite a stir when it was made in 1954. More about that later.

In the Afternoon the rain let up and I went for a walk on a trail that overlooks the town.  As the sun broke through the clouds, I passed lichen and moss covered stone walls behind which cattle munched on lush fields. 

For a moment I could almost think I was in Washington County.  This is definitely a quiet village, with about 200 people who live here in the old center but about 1500 when you count the environs of the commune.

Get thee to the church on time !