Finally! I’m in Caylus! After an airport hop in New York and eating my way through Istanbul, I flew to Toulouse. There I was meet at the airport by John McNorton, one of the program directors of DRAWinternational. We drove through the rolling green hills of Tarn-et-Garonne, a very agricultural region. Farms and pastures with sheep and cattle predominate. As we came over the ridge, the landscape became more dramatic, and I could see the mideval tower and chateau of Caylus.

After a quick tour of my accommodations in the acienne gendarmerie (barracks), I met another artist named Diane who is from Australia.  

 I helped Diane package her drawings to ship and got my studio set up. The studios are on the top floor (with the dark shutters), and the living spaces for the artists are on the middle floor (light shutters).

So much space ! So much potential…

We had dinner with the program directors John and Greta at their lovely home just a minute’s walk away.  I plan to stroll around the town tomorrow and soak it in before drawing some more. And I go to the caves on Tuesday!