Picture the common stereotype of a messy studio,  from which an artist raises art like a phoenix from the rubble of….nevermind. The point is  I must work in a neat and clean studio, despite my reputation.  As I paint, I’m processing so much visual information that I can’t have extraneous and irrelevant distractions.  My brain may be fine tuned and plugged into my hands while I work, but I get overwhelmed easily.  A Pre-Spring Clean was long overdue. I mopped my floor, flagged books with post it notes, and sorted stacks of magazine clippings and other photo references into piles by subject matter.


I cut a pile of old t-shirts into rags, moved back-burnered or finished work into storage (aka, under my couch),  and patched and repainted the walls.  Yes, maintenance can be tedious, but so is making art.  No glamor going on here.