My paintings deal with identity. I am fascinated by the way that art can capture, glorify, and immortalize a person. Great portraits of the past often provide visual inspiration and a starting point for my own artwork. I absorb these influences and synthesize them with my own memories and experiences in order to create psychological self-portraits. I insert my facial features as a self-portrait into these immortalized images. “Breadwinner” is a self-portrait in which I combine Vogue fashion spreads, Hans Holbein paintings, fauvist colors, and a cheeky expression. This is my version of a female power portrait by appropriating a male artist by using my own style, stance, and clothing.


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artWEB le pidgeon

‘le pidgeon’



‘Bon Bonnet’


Tragic Gesture

‘Tragic Gesture’



Madame Pompadour

‘Self-Portrait as Madame Pompadour’



‘The Little Prince’




‘Queen Margot’