Get ready, the end is near (not that one).  However, this is the revelation of my hard work.





Ta da!               Wait.  Hmmmmmm.


I expected it to look done. I painted every detail, but something was missing.  The crust looked great. I washed a pale yellow over the surface to represent cheese, and then painted the toppings. The colors were pretty accurate, but something was missing.  It was too uniform.  My pizza looked “half baked”.




The much maligned anchovies.  Do you eat them? If not, good, the more for me…




I think we all love this one (not including vegetarians and vegans).






Some friends pointed out that it needed the final touch of realism.  It needed burns on the crust and browned cheese.

I made an orange-yellow-red wash that was darker than the cheese.  After applying patches of it, the pizza looked like it was hot and fresh out of the oven!

I was (and still am) very pleased with my pizza now.  Now I needed to get it delivered to my client.