Is this Food Art? Artful Food?


I’m grateful for the assistance of my friends Alex, Olivia, and Charlotte in placing the toppings. The toppings are simple silhouettes cut out of mdf board. I assumed it was only a matter of moving them around, balancing different shapes and sizes into a pleasing arrangement. But when I stood back it looked too “perfect”. Then I realized that there is some chaos when scattering toppings. So I asked my friends to contribute to the arrangement so that it looked like a convincing pizza.


Making a giant pizza out of wood is surprisingly similar to making one in the kitchen to eat. And making a painting is also similar to cooking, say, a spaghetti sauce. I acquire or make my “raw ingredients” and tools. I lay them out, and starting building a base or structure.

By the way, can you identify the different toppings?